Who We Are

Oriflamme IT Solutions is well renowned as a leading Global IT Transformation Architect, with an impeccable track record for designing, developing, deploying and delivering end-to-end IT Infrastructure services. With over Five Years of proven experience Oriflamme responsibly delivers cutting-edge IT services and solutions to a wide range of industries spanning All over India.

Our inherent capabilities built on the philosophy of '3S' (Smart People, Smart Processes, Smart Technology); provides the strong foundation for a best-in-class Integrated Service Delivery Framework which consistently augments our overall value creation proposition to our clients; both effectively and efficiently.

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As a trusted partner with wide range of service capabilities and state-of-the-art global command centres, Oriflamme help clients transform and succeed in challenging environments by making better IT decisions..


- Regularly scheduled onsite visits by IT Professional(s)
- Maintenance checklist and documentation that ensures consistent service delivery
- Thorough documentation of your network
- Your business goals are what direct our efforts
- Server maintenance and troubleshooting
- Workstation maintenance and troubleshooting
- Virus Protection and Microsoft OS updates


- No Interviewing process overhead, like full time employee
- No Payroll tax overhead, like full time employee
- No Vacation Pay overhead, like full time employee
- No Workers Compensation overhead
- No Training Cost overhead, like full time employee
- No Performance Review overhead, like full time employee
- No Background check overhead, like full time employee
- Predictable Monthly budget


- Satisfaction Guarantee
- Director of IT management oversight (MCSE)
- Support Coordinator management oversight
- Support Advisor management oversight
- Follow Microsoft Standards and industry standard best practices
- Support systems created to ensure items don't fall through the cracks
- Detailed documentation of your network and support visits available to view 24/7/365
- Regular customer satisfaction surveys after every support visit


- Multiple IT Professionals
- 24/7/365 (Always available on Remote Support )
- Never Sick and Never on Vacation
- Emergency response time of 3 hours or less guaranteed (our goal is 1 hour)
- IT Professionals are available to answer your questions by phone when not onsite at your office
- Increased flexibility for busy times, slow times, projects, upgrades
- Will never quit because of career or job change like full time employee

Our Policy

Client Focus:

We focus on the long term relationship between your company and ours.


Your satisfaction and the delivery of excellent computer service is our #1 priority.

Measurable Service:

All of our work is documented systematically and in a timely fashion, enabling you to measure our service.

Exceptionally Approachable:

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to not only request service but to give feedback on your computer service as well.

Follow-up Focused:

We know how easy it is for things to fall through the cracks and how that damages the trust that you have in a computer service provider, so it is our goal to make sure that all requests and scheduling have thorough follow-up.

We Don't "Speak Geek"

Our value is to provide you with the information necessary to help you make informed decisions about your office's network strategy by educating and communicating with you in the language you speak.

Professional Courtesies:

Being on time, saying "please" and "thank you," not interrupting, and dressing professionally are just some of the professional courtesies you can expect from the Corporate Computer Services team.

No Network Secrets

Purposefully or carelessly, many computer repair service providers and technicians keep information about your network support, software licenses, passwords and network configurations locked away in their brains.

We Don't Resell Products:

You can trust that our recommendations have your business' best interest in mind. We do that by not reselling hardware or software.